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Day2Day Team would like to Thank you all for your support in making this promotion a huge success.

Thank you for caring about Mother Earth.

Due to the unprecedented demand for the earth day cards, we ran out of our stock and we are closing this promotion.

We greatly appreciated your patience during the ordering process as our website was crawling due to extremely high traffic. We had more that 100,000 visitors during the past two days. Our system crashed multiple times due to the overwhelming volume.

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Get set 4 Free Growable Earth Day Cards
and start your own garden today.

(Offer Expires 4/22/13 or While Supplies Last)


We stumbled across the plantable seed paper not too long ago. We decided to test it out and we are currently nurturing over very own plant. As a printing company we want to make a difference in the environment.

So this Earth Day we are giving away a set of Earth Day Cards. We are really excited to share the experience of growing together.

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What Is 'Growable Earth Day Card'?

Our Earth Day Cards are planted on plantable paper. Plantable paper is special handmade paper embedded with wildflower seeds. When your Earth Day cards are planted in a pot of soil, wildflowers will grow from the paper.

How Do I Plant My Earth Day Cards?

To plant your Earth Day card paper, first fill a pot with good-quality potting soil, about 2/3 full. Place the Earth Day card on top of the soil, trimming to fit. Cover your card with a thin layer of soil and water well, until the soil and card are evenly damp. Place the pot in a location with plenty of sun and keep moist until the plantable paper has germinated. This process takes about 7-10 days for the seeds to germinate.

During those first 10 days make sure to keep your pot nice and moist.

Once sprouts appear continue to keep your pot moist, but be careful not to overwater. Once your plants appear, water as needed.

How Long Will It Take To Grow My Plants?

That depends on various conditions. On average it takes about 3-4 weeks for the plants to fully grow.

How Many Earth Day Cards Can I Get?

You will get a set of 4 beautifully designed Earth Day cards.

How Many of Each Card Designs Do I Get?

You will get one of each card design.

Do I Have To Upload Anything To Get These Cards?

You do not have to upload any files. All you have to do is simply order your set of cards.

Is Shipping Free?

Shipping is absolutely free.

How Do They Ship?

We will mail the set of Earth Day cards to you.

When Do I Get It?

You will typically get your Earth Day Cards anywhere from two to three days after it has been shipped.

Can I Get These Cards If I Live Outside The U.S?

We only ship cards to individuals inside the U.S.(excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

What Kind Of Flowers/Plants Grow From These Cards?

The seed paper is embedded a variety of wild flower seeds.

Is Your Earth Day Card Paper Tree-Free?

Our Earth Day cards are printed on seed paper, which is made from recycled paper collected from local offices and schools.

What's Included in this set?

4 Beautifully Designed Earth Day Cards that are ready to be grown. Plant them or share them with friends and family.

Are these cards really FREE?

Yes. These earth day cards are absolutely free. Shipping is free too.

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