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Window clings are great for any marketing & advertising campaigns. They are very easy to apply and leave no residues when removed from clean surfaces. There are two main reasons that window clings have gained quick popularity: they are extremely affordable; and they can be used virtually anywhere. Stick them on your store window, inside the office, or even on a company car window.


Printed o a 4 Mil Static stock, these window clings are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and are made to last. Choose between a white or clear stock--whichever is best suited for its intended use.


Window clings can be used the same as banners and posters. Paste them on storefront windows that get the most traffic and increase your odds of reaching potential customers. Use them for anything from promoting sales to letting people know that your present on social media.


If you plan on printing window clings for promotional purposes, keep in mind that people are usually in a hurry and have short attention spans. Although these are usually placed in high traffic areas in plain view, it always helps to have an attractive attention grabbing design.