Free Ground Shipping

Don't forget:*Every online order comes with free ground shipping up to $50!

*Only available for orders being shipped within the continental U.S. - excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Unused credit does not carry over to new orders and cannot be combines with any other discounts or offers unless specified.


Does free shipping apply to custom orders?

Yes! Custom orders are now also eligible for the promotion. As long as your order meets the criteria stated above, the free shipping service will be applied

Can I get free shipping more than once?

Yes, free shipping can be applied to all of your orders that match the criteria specified.

Is the free shipping applied to expedited shipping?

Free shipping will only apply to those orders that use standard ground shipping. Any form of expedited shipping will not receive the $50 credit.

Note: If the cost of ground shipping exceeds $50, the shipping total will be discounted $50; e.g. If an order has a ground shipping total of $70, you will only be charged $20