• Highly used in advertising
  • Eco Friendly
  • Recycled-contents
  • Writable
  • Foldable
  • Used in art Reproduction

100 lb paper is probably the most famous member of book/text paper stock family. It's the most commonly used as house stock at many print shops throughout United States. Due to high usage of 100 lb paper, price of this paper is lower than many quality papers within the family of glossy coated papers.

Why choose glossy 100 lb paper?

  • Lightweight
  • Shiny, glossy covered with AQ coating
  • Easy to fold- perfect for flyers
  • The gold standard in advertising
  • Stands up to normal wear and tear
  • Makes bright colors pop when printed on this paper

When handing or sending out items in any marketing campaign, part of the draw is to attract attention. One reason that large manufacturers utilize gloss coatings on their pages is because people are automatically drawn to it.

We apply free gloss AQ or matte AQ on 100 lb paper in order to enhance the visual characteristics of images as well as to protect the printed images from smearing and scratching during usage.

We recommend you to choose glossy 100 lb paper for your next advertising or choose matte 100 lb paper for your next art project order and get supreme quality at affordable prices.

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Popular uses for this stock